Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I used to be one of those people that thought, “oh we’re all the saaame. I don’t see race, blah blah blah whatever.”

College is when you realize that the reason you thought that way before was because you had felt (subconsciously) the institutionalized oppression and racism against your own ethnicity and attempted to maneuver through society in a way that elevated your status, or in ways that brought you more privilege i.e. erasure of race. For instance, letting your friends continually make racist jokes to you about being Asian, because 1. you got it in your head that if you can joke with them, or if you laugh at their jokes, they’ll like you more, and 2. race doesn’t matter, thus they can make those jokes, and you have no right to be hurt by them.

But in reality, race does exists, because that’s why they’re making fun of you for being chinky in the first place.

Oh, I don’t know - just jotting down some thoughts after seeing some interesting conversations on my dashboard.



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